Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cuando Miro Dentro de tus Ojos


Cuando miro dentro de tus ojos...
¿qué es lo que veo?

Cuando miro dentro de tus ojos...
Veo a alguien con simples esperanzas
Veo a alguien con simples aspiraciones
Alguien que anhela el verdadero amor
Alguien que busca un compañero o compañera
Alguien perdido en el laberinto de este mundo loco.

Cuando miro dentro de tus ojos...
Veo a alguien que busca la justicia
Veo a alguien que busca la igualdad
Que busca la felicidad
Que busca la simple alegría
Que busca reírse poco.

Cuando miro dentro de tus ojos...
¿qué es lo que siento?

Cuando miro dentro de tus ojos...
Puedo sentir en mi alma lo humano en ti.
Puedo sentir lo esencial en ti.
Tu futuro triunfo,
Tu futura alegría,
Tu futura risa.

Cuando miro dentro de tu alma...
¿Qué es lo que siento?

Cuando miro dentro de tu alma...
Me siento unido a tus esperanzas
Me siento unido a tus aspiraciones
A tu esencia
A todo tu ser.

Cuando miro dentro de tu alma,
Me siento unido a ti.

Ven, mira dentro de mis ojos...


Thursday, July 23, 2009



one bird on a tree...
now there are three; wouldn't be
nice to be that free?


Sunday, July 13, 2008



Rain, oh let it fall
on my face, oh wet it all
ah, rain, wash my soul.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

the sacred


Do you really want to come face-to-face with the Sacred?

Go look into the eyes of a young child. Know now that you are in the presence of what is Sacred. Can you feel the child's innocence, feel the child's purity? feel the child's Sacredness?

Now remember and imagine yourself when you are at this age. Do you remember how innocent you were? How pure you were?

Can you feel the Sacred in this child?

Now can you feel the Sacred in you?


Guided Experience

This guided experience is a direct result of a personal situation and experience regarding one's search for the Sacred.

The purpose of this experience is to enhance our intuition of the Sacred. This experience is inspired by the GE, The Child. It is different in the sense that it has 3 aspects: it does have some aspect of reconciling the past; a realization in the present; and hope for what could still come in one's future.

This guided experience could be done either alone or with others. To do this G. E. alone, one can record the experience (with the gaps included) and then played back.


I am taking a leisurely stroll along a park. It is Sunday and quite a few people are taking advantage of the warmth of the morning sun. *

I came along a young mother with her child hugging her skirt for comfort or protection. *

I stop and look at the child. *

I look into the child's eyes and felt an unexplainable sensation of force and joy spring forth from within me. *

I am amazed that I can feel the child's innocence, the child's purity ... *

I suddenly realize that at this very moment I am in the presence of the Sacred. **


Now images from my youth start to come back to me. I begin to remember when I was at this same age. *

I begin to remember my toys, my playmates, the games I played... *

I see myself playing with my father. I remember his strong arms, his hugs. *

I see myself being dressed up by my mother. *

And how – like the child in the park – I feel good clinging to my mother's skirt for comfort and protection. *

I remember her warm embraces and her kisses. *

Then, I look at this child's eyes and felt an unexplainable sensation of force and joy spring forth from within me. *

I now remember how innocent I was when I was at this age; how pure of heart I was. *

I look at the young child's eyes and feel the Sacred within the child. *

Full of joy I begin to feel the Sacred within me. ***

Feeling like a child again -- innocent, pure, light, without fears nor worries -- I left the park with the realization that if I am to find the Sacred, I do not need to look very far -- for the Sacred could be re-discovered from within myself. All I have to do is take an inner look. *****


Tuesday, July 8, 2008



Gaze deep into my soul, my love
And listen to my longing heart
Hear it softly whisper... I love you.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Innocence and Ignorance


you were born
and everything begun for you.
you were put in this world
not of your choosing.
you were born innocent.

then, you were taught many things,
a lot of things,
and then some.

now, you are no longer innocent;
you are now ignorant.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Giving and Receiving


Is being fair also being just? And being unfair is being unjust? Is to have fairness, also to have justice?

When I give and it is not reciprocated; when I love and it is not returned -- is it only natural that I feel injustice? Is it only natural that I suffer?

Why can't I give – truly give? Why can't I love – truly love?

Why must my happiness depend on what the other can give me? Why must my joy depend on the love the other can offer me? Why can't I give, why can't I love without attachment, without possession, without expecting any return.

How joyful it must be to be able to truly give. How exquisite it must feel to be able to truly love.


Side note: The ethic of reciprocity says, "Treat others as you would have them treat you." It does not say, Others should treat me as I treat them".


Monday, June 30, 2008

When I Look Into Your Eyes


when I look into your eyes...
what do I see?

when I look into your eyes...
i see someone with simple hopes
someone with simple aspirations
someone with longing for true love
looking for a companion
lost in the labyrinth of this crazy world.

when I look into your eyes...
i see someone in search of justice
someone in search of equality
someone in search of happiness
in search of simple joy
in search of a little laughter.

when i look into your eyes
what do i feel?

when I look into your eyes...
i can feel in my soul, the Human in you.
i can feel the essential in you
your future triumph
your future joy
your future laughter.

when i look into your soul
what do i feel?

when i look into your soul...
i feel one with your hopes
i feel one with your aspirations
one with your essence
one with your joy
one with your whole being

when i look into your soul,
i feel one with you.

come, look into my eyes...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008



In these times of big crises, people are searching, looking for miracles. They want an immediate remedy to the pain they are experiencing deep within them. They are looking for masters, they are looking for leaders that they think can take them away from all these misery.

But all they have to do is close their eyes, and remember the exact moment when they were born. There, in that exact moment a great miracle happened.

Do not look for masters; for all the knowledge in the universe are within you. Do not look for leaders; for the path that leads to happiness can only be found inside of you. Do not look for miracles; for you are the miracle.

You are the miracle that you have been looking for. You are the light that will illuminate this darkened world obscured from reality. You are the Force that will bring about the essential change prophesied for millennia. And only your inner look can make you realize that indeed, you are the miracle.

Yes, you are the miracle. You are the future. And that future is here. Your now is today.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Dream of the Landscape

Below is a collection from my "dream of the landscape" monograph.

Thursday, June 19, 2008



that you are more than what eyes can see,
maybe, even more than what you imagined you could be.

that the sun rises each single morning just for you;
the reason why the moon shines brightly every night.
the reason why the sky in summer is so clear and blue,
why the first snow flurry of winter is so pure and white,
and the reason why the leaves of autumn turn to a golden hue.

that you are the reason why birds sing;
and why even flowers in the harshest of deserts
bloom in spring.

Always remember...
that everything has a reason for being,
but that you are the meaning for everything.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Reds, oranges, yellows
Colors of the setting sun
See the moon smile.


The system and the abyss

The system is going to the abyss and it wants to drag the rest of humanity with it.

But who or what exactly is the system? Perhaps to make it easier to understand and unmask this sort of abstract entity, we need to ask a different question. Instead of asking who or what is the system, maybe we should ask: who or what represent the system? Then, maybe this abstraction becomes less hazy.

Who or what then represent the System? the state, the institutions, the corporations, the banks, the multinationals, the transnationals, the para-states, and finally, the organizations, governments, politicians, bureaucrats and individuals who not only accept the ideology of the system, but advocate, defend and utilize its principles and methodology that promote the continued negation of what are fundamental to the human being: his freedom and intentionality.

But where is this ideology originating from? Its principles, its methodology -- where are all these based on, where are all these coming from? The way I see it, these are all based on and coming from an archaic point of view, a point of view regarding "nature", the "natural" and the "nature" of the human being. A point of view that considers the human being as part of the animal kingdom and therefore, part of "nature". Everyone agree on this concept of "human nature".

On this basis, their ideology, principles, laws and methodology -- that institutionalized injustice throughout the world -- is therefore only practical, common sensical, logical, rational, pragmatic and therefore justified. Why not? Isn't it all natural? Isn't all these according to nature?

On top of all of these -- and what makes matters worse -- they believe that this "nature" of things were granted; it has been given by the highest authority; it was granted by the divinity itself.

And since their gods are capable of unbridled violence, doesn't that justify their own violence -- at least in their own conscience?

From this basis, from this starting point, from this point of view, it is then only reasonable that the fittest survives, the most aggressive succeeds, the most competitive wins, the richer becomes richer, etc. Of course, not to forget: they shall all inherit the earth!

Or so, they think.

Everything is logical, everything is reasonable, everything is justified -- and why not? it's all "natural"!

But where do all these lead us?

Where else but to more concentration of power, concentration of information, of resources, of goods, etc. In short, the appropriation of the whole by a small part of the whole, whose consequence is pain, suffering, hunger, vengeance, war, violence at home, violence in the streets, massive unemployment, discrimination, intolerance, destruction of the environment, the abyss -- and of course, without realizing it, the slow death of the human spirit!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Crossroads of Existence


The history of the humankind is a long history of struggle; beginning with the struggle against nature, against social injustice, against economic inequality, against ignorance, against pain, against suffering, against death. This same history proved that these struggles can be brought to fruition, and the crisis at hand can be overcomed if something is collectively done. It is in the doing that the species develop and advance toward the evolutionary path.

Although, the human being has made great leaps since the first homosapiens - discovering, creating and controlling fire, domesticating plants and animals, conquering illness and disease, advancing science and technology, instituting educational, social, judicial and economic systems that try to benefit a greater number of people each time - it is evident that these advances are not enough; that food, which is in abundance should be distributed to the hungry (individual or nation); that healthcare and medicine should be available free to all who need it; that education (from preschool to the highest institutions of learning) should be available free for anyone and everyone who desires it; that the business of governing should be the sole responsibility of the governed (not in theory, but in practice); that the profits and managing of companies and corporations should be equally shared between capital and labor.

The human species is now at the crossroads of its existence; will it make the final great leap to the unfamiliar landscape of the future? Or, will it make a big step backwards to the familiar but violent past? Will it continue with its ascent through the longer but evolutionary path, or take the easier way descending through the shorter but dead-end street? Will it continue with the progressive struggle of its ancestral heroes, or surrender to the dictates of a regressive and reactionary few?

The human species is at the crossroad of its existence. it is experiencing the greatest crises of its lifetime. It has its back against the abyss. It cannot make a step backwards. It has to continue with its journey. The human species has to fulfill its destiny. It has to continue with its own and its ancestors' struggle.

The history of the human being is a history of struggle; represented by the struggles of the colonized nations, the student protest movements of the 60's, the civil rights movements, etc, initiated by the disenfranchised majority against the ruling minority. Will the same hold true for the total and global change that is in the horizon?


The history of the human being is a history of the new surpassing the old. Whenever something is dying, something new is being born. Indeed, a new sensibility is being born in the hearts of each individual human being: a new way of thinking, of feeling and acting in the world; and this something new transcends races, transcends classes, transcends all backgrounds: economic, social, cultural, political.

In such a way, that this new sensibility is already present in the diverse humanist groups of the world. Will these forces join hands in the noble task of working together to humanize the earth and building a universal human nation - fulfilling man's destiny? Has the historic moment arrived? Is Real History about to begin?


From Nothing


Only from nothing can one see everything.




• Nothing has any meaning unless the human being gives it one.

• So it is up to him to give his relations meaning; his work meaning; his environment meaning...

• It is up to him to give his past, present and future meaning...

• And it is up to him to give his life meaning, because he alone could give it this.

• So that in the end, he would have comprehended even the meaning of his death.


Friday, May 30, 2008

The Loved-one


The Loved-one

This guided experience is a direct result of a personal situation and experience with the death of a loved-one.

The purpose of this experience is not only to obtain reconciliation with the loved-one, but more importantly, to reconcile with the fact of death of this loved-one. The advantages of such reconciliations are great, and will benefit us not only from the point of view a changed external behavior and integration of negative contents, but also from the point of view of gaining a new perspective regarding our relationships with other loved-ones who are still with us.

This guided experience could be done either alone or with others. To do this G. E. alone, one can record the experience (with the gaps included) and then played back.


I am alone in my room. Suddenly, I feel a strong presence of my loved-one. (*)

I begin to remember the one best moment I had with him/her. (*)

He/She takes me by the hand and we go out of the door. The day is nice. We walk and find ourselves in a secluded park. Alone in an open space, we sit down on an empty park bench. (*)

Facing each other, my loved-one takes both my hands and tells me his/her feelings for me, and say everything he/she have wanted to say... I begin to feel my loved-one's unconditional and eternal love for me. (*)

For my part, I tell him/her my own feelings and say everything I have wanted to say (vocalized)... (*) (**)

He/She looks me in the eye and with the kindest voice tells me that everything is all right; that he/she understands very well all the things and circumstances that happened between us. I, too, tell him/her that I fully understood and that everything is now fine with me. (*)

I put my head in my loved-one's shoulder and he gives me a gentle and loving embrace. (*)

My loved-one stands up and starts to walk slowly away towards the green meadow. Then, a ray of light begins to shine from the sky touching him/her. He/She begins to ascend -- as if being pulled by the ray of light towards the skies. And as he/she continues to ascend, I see his/her gentle face slowly turn towards me, and with the sweetest smile, I hear his/her voice telling me that everything is all right, that I should learn to reconcile with myself, that from now on, everything will be just fine; and that he/she will be with me forever. (*)

Still with the sensation of the strong presence of my loved-one, I stand up and begin to walk back. Only now, do I really become aware of my surroundings. The day is beautiful. The sun is shining brightly; the sky blue. I begin to feel life all around me... with my gaze still towards the skies, I begin to feel a total comprehension about the situation. Then, from within myself, I feel a gentle and silent joy slowly spring forth. (*)

I continue to walk. I look up towards the open sky and with my loved-one's smiling face still clear in my mind, I begin to rescue the beautiful moments I had with this person.(*)

I stop walking for a moment and silently, I give thanks within myself for everything this person have done and given me. I realize now that his/her actions are now all part of me, and through me these actions will have no end. (*)



(*) Give enough time for the participants to elaborate their own images. Gap between the paragraphs will depend on the complexity of each particular passage.

(**) If one is doing this G.E. alone, one can say this part aloud.

Interchange of experiences. Participants can relate their own experiences if they wish to do so.



Beyond the mountain,
Beyond the deep-blue water,
Beyond my vision.